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Richard Nickel

Richard Nickel

b. Oct. 1, 1969
Born: Rochester, NY

Richard Nickel is an artist, ceramicist and educator. Born in Rochester, NY in 1969, he was influenced by the comics, cartoons and creativity of the 1970s. He began drawing as a child, and these cultural elements inspired his drawing style, as well as his understanding of the world around him. [1] Nickel received his Associate's in Fine Arts from Monroe Community College (Rochester) before attending SUNY Buffalo State, where he graduated with a BS in Art Education in 1996. He went on to attain a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2000, and later that year he began teaching Art Education and Ceramics at Valley City University in North Dakota. [2]

In 2002, he began teaching at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, where he has remained since. During his tenure he has served as Art Education Program Director and Assistant Professor of Ceramics and Arts Education. Presently he is an Associate Professor of Ceramics and Art Education. [3]

As an artist, Nickel has been featured in exhibitions nationally and internationally. His work seeks to explore the role of humor in art to balance life's tragedies and provide a more well-rounded understanding of the human experience. "Art, like life, is a balance between comedy and tragedy. Shakespeare’s darkest plays were balanced with keen wit and humor. My intent in much of my artwork is to reveal the purpose of humor in art and to show that in art comedy and tragedy are dependent on each other for a deeper understanding of the human condition." [4]

For further information on Richard Nickel, visit his website at: or follow him on Instagram @richardnickel.

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