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Richard Sigafoos


Richard G. Sigafoos was a noted impressionist artist, muralist, illustrator and teacher primarily known for his landscapes and marine paintings. His paintings have been exhibited widely and he has received many awards including the gold, silver and bronze medals at Buffalo Society of Artists' exhibitions. He also served as Production Illustrator at the Bell Aircraft Corporation during WWII, Buffalo, NY, and also as illustrator for the New York State Education Department. He illustrated the book Telling Trees, by Julius King (1953). His murals adorn the walls of the Alling-Cory Paper Co., Buffalo, NY, the Kensington Methodist Church, Buffalo, NY, the Chicago Tribune Tower and many other public buildings and churches. His works are also in many private collections in the united States and Canada. He is a permanent resident of Chautauqua County and his home and studio are located on Chautauqua Lake.

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