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Torie Dombrowski

Torie Dombrowski is a Western New York craft artist. She is currently enrolled in the BFA ceramics program at SUNY Buffalo State. She exhibited at the 2017 Student Show at Buffalo State. Her work explores the lasting implications of human waste on our environment.

“Water and air are two of the most necessary parts of human life, yet we have turned them into garbage cans. Everything that people do has a lasting impact on the world, even if we don’t realize it. Because of our living standards we have done toxic, and irreversible damage to our environment. We are at the point where major change needs to happen in our product consumption and waste removal or the world that we know it will disappear before our eyes. I want to face people with the facts of what is happening to our environment and inspire others to make a difference as well.” [1]

[1] Torie Dombrowski, Artist Statement, Burchfield Penney Artist File.