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Walter R. Garver

Walter R. Garver

b. 1927

Born in August 1927 in Medina, NY, Walter Raymond Garver is a Buffalo resident and at one time was a student of Charles E. Burchfield. He has received a number of honors and been the subject of numerous publications. His artwork is featured in collections of the Burchfield-Penney Art Center in Buffalo, NY, and the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio.

The hard-edged style of many paintings, together with the artist’s fondness for industrial scenes, would place him in the tradition of Precisionist painters like Scheeler, Crawford, or Demuth. Here sharp tonal contrasts, precise delineation of forms, and abrupt juxtaposition of planes push the images outside the boundaries of realism and "freeze" them in nearly abstract designs. But style for Garver is always a function of purpose. In his other paintings the artist adopts a more traditional modeling technique, focusing the light source, and providing us images of luminous realism.

In his art, style has always served a function of purpose. In his hard-edged paintings, and with his fondness for industrial scenes, one could describe Walter as an artist of traditional Precisionist painting, similar to Scheeler or Crawford. However, in other paintings, Walter has a traditional modeling technique, focusing light sources to provide a luminous realism to his works.

He graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and completed sixty hours of graduate study in Art History, Education, and German. He has taught art history, drawing and painting, and photography, and served as chairman of the Art Department before his retirement in 1986.

Following his retirement, Walter serves as contributing editor to The Artist’s Magazine and the Watercolor Magic Magazine. He has been the subject of many publications, including Who Was Who in American Art, 1564-1975 edited by Peter Hastings Falk, and the Encyclopedia of Watercolor Landscape Technique by Hazel Soan, among many others.

In addition to painting, Walter is also interested in writing, or “painting with words”, as he described it in his Video Portrait Series, produced by the Buffalo Society of Artists.



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