• Studio of the Streets

    Studio of the Streets

    From 1990–1993, the Studio of the Streets crew turned the street into a studio and produced over 100 videotapes containing over 250 weekly, hour-long shows in order to simultaneouslymore

  • Tiny Circus

    Tiny Circus

    Tiny Circus is a collaborative project that facilitates workshops and works in a variety of media, including stop motion animation, documentary audio and video, zines, and social interaction tomore

  • Sarah E. Jerauld
  • Helen Bishop-Santelli
  • Robert Aull
  • Frank Eastman Jones
  • Stephen Quiller
  • Ambrose Andrews
  • Jennifer Regan

    Jennifer Regan

    Jennifer Regan was a writer and quiltmaker who combined her love of poetry and quilts into artworks called  "stitched narratives", artworks were made to be displayed on walls rather thanmore

  • John M. Hanford

    John M. Hanford

    John Hanford was among the faculty of the Art Institute of Buffalo, where he taught a sculpture workshop in 1953.