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Kathleen Sherin , PTX, 2012; carborundum and collagraphic monoprint

Kathleen Sherin , PTX, 2012; carborundum and collagraphic monoprint

About this piece, Kathleen Sherin writes:

"The work I have on display is part of my most recent on going series - ABC-XYZ. My inspirations in part are music and biological systems. In this series I explore the notion of creating a series of visual poetic statements. They embody symbiotic relationships between parts that might correspond to diverse sensory sources, energized by concurrent and contrasting notions of timing.  Physically the work is a collagraphic, monoprint evolved to completion through a direct and intuitive involvement with process.  Each print I make, though visually related, is a unique hand-pulled creation."


ABout other work:

"My imagery references human biology and its processes.  Through years of medical study and work, augmented by my own surgical experience, I realized that I viewed myself, and others as assembled compartments of diagrammatic systems, walking textbook illustrations overlaid with complex psychological data - as layered beings.  I process my experiences through this lens and bring these associations to my process of creating art.

I have long been interested in contrasts and borders and edges as mechanisms that reveal knowledge and insight. My art explores the nature of and the movement across edges as metaphor for exploring human condition and the complex dialog between intuition and reason.

Over time, I have developed a repertoire of my own direct printmaking methods using non-traditional materials un-mediated by chemicals. I refer to my works as “one-of-a-kind, print-based works on paper.” Using various combinations of collage, collagraph, relief printing, drypoint, chine collé, and monoprint techniques, my work blends printing, collage and painting. I create each work in partnership with an etching press, in a direct and intuitive fashion, to build final final prints from layers and parts." (Sherin)