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Screening  |  BOUND: A Brutal Unflinching Glimpse Into the World of Human Trafficking

in collaboration with The Mona's House Project

Thursday, January 11, 2018, 6–8 pm

Bound takes viewers inside a prison with no cells, where the destinies of those sentenced to servitude are bought and sold, and their jailers bear the names Addiction, Abuse, and Manipulation. This fictionalized retelling of actual events plays out through the eyes of one young victim as she tries to break free of the drug addiction and brainwashing that's been forced upon her and boldly sprints down a path that will either lead to freedom or a greater torment than she has ever known.

Melissa Hanna, a newcomer to the screen but veteran of the South Carolina stage, leads the deep roster of talented actors from throughout the Carolinas and Georgia. Hanna brings amazing emotional depth to the title character, Anna Calloway, a young woman in her late teens who gets swept into the world of human sex trafficking. Merritt Vann, whose lengthy resume includes appearances in Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda, Sleepy Hollow, Royal Pains, and Banshee, delivers a spine-chilling performance as Victor, the brutal, sly, and persuasive leader of the sex trafficking ring.

Supporting cast includes powerful performances from Lindley Mayer (Glee, Dirty Dancing, Bastard out of Carolina), Chantey Colet, John Oliver, and Camila Escobar (performed with William Baldwin in the 2016 film Chronology). Writer/director Daljit Kalsi crafts an unflinching, unblinking glimpse into this dark world, which is captured masterfully through the lens of cinematographer Collins Abbott White, and assembled by editor Porter Blackman, and is all set to a chilling score composed by Neil Lee Griffin of the band Antler Hill.

Kalsi warns the film will take viewers to a dark place, and hopefully with a new interest in learning more about a growing crime and ways to prevent it. "The story is based heavily on a real account from a friend in law enforcement who was involved in a DEA investigation into human trafficking," Kalsi said. "The story hit me like a ton of bricks and really made me start reading about human trafficking and its prevalence. I was shocked, and that's exactly how I hope audiences feel when the credits of this film roll - shocked, with a pit in their stomachs, and asking themselves 'could something like this be happening in my neighborhood?'

The film concludes with a public service announcement from the cast members and human trafficking investigator Shannon Piller with the Greenville County Sheriff's Office, along with information and statistics from the Department of Homeland Security. "We definitely want to touch nerves and deal a heavy emotional blow, but we hope people will also walk away wanting to make a difference and help fight this crime," added Vann, who co-produced the film with Kalsi. "We have a terrifying true-life horror story, an incredibly talented cast and crew from all across the US, and tie it all together with real stats and warnings from law enforcement," Kalsi stated. "We really feel that this film is going to impact people."

The film was funded in part with a grant from the Metropolitan Arts Council, which receives support from the City of Greenville, BMW Manufacturing Company, Michelin North America, Inc., SEW Eurodrive and the South Carolina Arts Commission.

About The Mona's House Project:

The Mona's House Project is a program of Ramp Global Missions, a Christian Humanitarian organization that helps the homeless, orphans, and those exploited through Human Trafficking.  Mona's House Project exists to shed light on the terrible crime of Human Trafficking and to restore those who have been victimized.  

They accomplish this goal through: 

Mona's Outreach-  A program that raises awareness about human trafficking throughout the United States through seminars, classes, fundraisers, media, and more.  We believe the first form of prevention is awareness, and we won't stop until everyone our message is heard by everyone. 

Mona's Group- Mona's group is a support system that is designed specifically for women who have been victims or human trafficking or have worked in most capacities within the sex industry. 

Mona's House-  Mona's House is designed to help women 18 and older who have been victims of any type of human trafficking.  Our programs are designed to bring healing to the whole woman through our 12 month program that is specifically designed for victims of human trafficking.  It will provide holistic healing for the for the mind, body, and soul of each woman who enters our doors. 

 Admission is free and open to the public.