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Book Club  |  May Virtual Book Club

Thursday, May 6, 2021, 6:30–8 pm

Virtual Book Club

Author: Beryl Singleton Bissel

Book: The Nun and the Priest: Love, Celibacy & Passion


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The Nun and the Priest: Love, Celibacy & Passion is a beautifully written memoir based on the life experiences of Father Hugh Brady and Sister Evelyn McLean. Based on McLean’s journals, and Father Brady’s love letters, the author intimately chronicles the interior conflict between her desire to become a Catholic nun to “live only for God to serve others” and the unexpected attraction she feels for the handsome, charismatic, and Father Hugh Brady. Once this novice and priest confess their true feelings for one other, the mystery of human love unfolds, as do unimaginable tests and trials.
Now, when celibacy for Roman Catholic priests is being questioned as never before, this is an important read for all those who question the manmade edict of celibacy.
In the words of award-winning author Beryl Singleton Bissel, "The Nun and the Priest will deeply enrich peoples’ lives as they are drawn into a story of a powerful and lasting human love and deeply moving faith."
Please join us for May’s Book Club at The Center featuring The Nun and the Priest: Love, Celibacy & Passion as author Evelyn McNeal Brady shares the true love story of two celibates who desire to follow the ways of God, lured by the pull of the human heart, find true and enduring love.