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Denise Sperry, Candy Crush, 30x40 inches, transparent watercolor

Denise Sperry, Candy Crush, 30x40 inches, transparent watercolor

Class / Workshop  |  The Power of Color

Watercolor Workshop

Sunday, April 15, 2018, 12–2:30 pm

International Center for Watercolor

Artist/Instructor:  Denise Sperry
$30 member/$40not-yet member

Participants will learn to create a harmonious painting through a series of exercises creating color chords. The emphasis will be on color temperature and dominance. These exercises will include watercolor techniques utilizing washes, glazing, gradation, and softening edges. This is perfect for the beginner painter and will challenge the more advanced to professional artists.

Supply List             
Mission Gold Watercolor Landscape Set of 9 colors designed by Denise Sperry.

If you prefer to use your own paints, they must be in tubes and professional grade paints.  You will need at least one set of primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) or a set of complementary colors such as red and green, or blue and orange.

Brushes:  3 flat watercolor brushes of varying sizes and three round watercolor brushes of varying sizes.  I will be using a ¼ , ½”, and ¾” or  1” flat,  #6 round, #8 or 10 round, #12 or 14 round or larger if you prefer.

One sheet of Arches 140lb or 300lb cold pressed watercolor paper. Tear your sheet in half so it is 15” x 22”.   We will be doing the exercises on one sheet and the second will be for practice.

These exercises will not work on watercolor pads as they cannot handle many layers of paint and water.   If you have a pad of Arches Watercolor Paper, you may tear those out and tape on the support board.

Watercolor Palette with a lid, a support and masking tape. Tape ½ sheet of your watercolor paper on the support to save time.

A pencil, pink pearl or soft eraser, and ruler.  Water bucket and paper towels or tissues. Spray bottle for water and a notebook

We are going to be working with fresh and moist color. You may squeeze them on your palette one or 2 days before or even at the workshop.  Old dried out colors will be outlawed!

This workshop is going to be fun and informative.  Come with an open mind to learn and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  I am still learning!

To register contact Kathy Gaye Shiroki at 716-878-3549 or email or download the registration form on the BPAC website.  Families and youth 12 and older are encouraged to participate.