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Cindi O’Mara, Contented Begonia, 2018, 14.5 x 19 inches, color pencil on board

Cindi O’Mara, Contented Begonia, 2018, 14.5 x 19 inches, color pencil on board

Special Event  |  Still Life Sunday

Cindi O’Mara and Paula Paula Sćiuk

Sunday, October 20, 2019, 1:30–4 pm

Still Life hosts: Cindi O’Mara, Visual Artist/Explorer and Paula Sćiuk, Visual Artist/Explorer

On select Sundays a unique still life will be designed by creative community members.  Participants drop-in and create in their own media influenced by the one of a kind still life. 

The still life will only be on display during the workshop hours.
Participants bring their own supplies to sketch, draw, paint, write poetry, and or photograph the still life.
No instructor will be teaching.  This is a creative platform to be inspired by. 

Still Life workshops are 2 ½ hours in length, intended for youth 12 and older, families, college students, and creative individuals.
Free with admission fee.   Free for BPAC members and for BSC students with ID.  

For further information contact Kathy Gaye Shiroki at 716.878.3549 or

Cindi O’Mara is a of native of Upstate New York where the love of natural forms intergraded into her work. Cindi began her studies at Sage Collage (Junior College of Albany) and Continued Studies at Nazareth College of Rochester. Studies in painting and drawing continued with several mentors and workshops. For several years she has lived and worked in Western New York.

As an Exhibiting member of the Buffalo Society of Artists Cindi is currently serving on the BSA Board of Directors. Her work has been exhibited in several BSA Exhibitions and has assisted in organizing exhibitions for Buffalo Society of Artists and several other arts organizations and galleries. Her work has been spotlighted in one person exhibitions: Passages and Pathways (2010); Revealing Intimacies (2017), Ground Level,2015, and Natural Microcosms at the Kenan House Gallery (2018).  Cindi works in acrylics, graphite and color pencils exploring details of organic forms.

“Nothing is less real than realism. Details are confusing. It is only by selection, by elimination, by emphasis, that we get at the real meaning of things.”  Georgia O’Keefe.

I create works that speak to a richer meaning found within ourselves. Everyday life is filled with an abundance of “distractions”. The precious connections between ourselves and nature are often pushed aside and forgotten. Interpretations of nature range from symbolism and metaphors to lovely interpretations creating a variety of responses from our inner self.

Flowers, leaves, grasses, and other natural forms have a presence. The experience of observing them closely reminds us of the cycles of life. Observational studies reveal these details - the lines, shapes, colors, and textures, rhythm and movement that is created promotes energy and structure as we witness the interconnection between humanity and nature, reminding us that we share our journey with these forms.

Paula Sćiuk, a photographer native to Western New York, began refining her own visual and conceptual vocabulary at the State University New York at Buffalo State, immersed in design, painting and sculpture. Since 2007, her large-scale images have been shown in the Louvre, Paris, France; Times Square, New York City; Scope, Miami, Florida and are included in public and private collections.

Intrigued by the liminal place where reflective surfaces meet, themes of impermanence, timelessness and fragility are suspended in a singular moment. Drawn to shifting interactions from constant change in subject matter, diverse and abstract indeterminate structures and patterns emerge where an undecipherable language unfolds.