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Performance  |  Lazlo Hollyfeld

Friday, July 10, 2015, 5:30–7:30 pm

Front Yard  

Sonny Baker - Guitar
Matt Felski - Vibraphone/Percussion/Drums
Chris Gangarossa - Bass
Scott Molloy - Keys
Bill Wachowiak - Drums

Lazlo Hollyfeld formed in the winter of 2003 in Buffalo, NY. The groups first release, 2004, "Our Universe Is Feeding" is a raw, one-take-recorded, instrumental journey spanning melodic happiness to lethargic, hypnotic rhythms. In late 2005, the group released, "The Pacer EP", which contains rock songs with a very electronic, soulful and moody feeling. The first track, "Everything You Know Is Gone" is almost breakbeat rock, with its uplifting changes leading to a guitar that screams echos. Th Pacer Ep then changes into something much different. With the heavily electro-inflected "Miss Hong", which then seamlessly blends into the title track, "The Pacer", The Pacer EP is sexy. Lazlo Hollyfeld followed this release with 2 long United States tours, highlighted by showing their faces @ sxsw, and two nights in a row @ The Boom Boom Room in San Francisco with Mike Clark and Robert Walters. In November 2007 finished recording the third release "Elimination", an energy packed album, with a 70's rock feel, while keeping the bands instrumental and harmonious sound in tact, only, with violence, and anger-driven instrumental themes. More recently, Lazlo Hollyfeld has shared the stage with Tortoise, Mogwai, Bonobo, The Rapture, to name a few. The fourth album is called "Desert", a post-rock-electro concept album of sorts. Release date was May 29th, 2010. Lazlo Hollyfeld is currently recording and playing.

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    Special Event  |  M&T Second Friday

    Friday, July 10, 2015, 5:30–8 pm

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