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Thursday, September 7, 2017, 7:30–8:30 pm

Front Yard  

“Three Crossings”, three channel video, 2:04 min, Andrew Deutsch 2017

The piece is called “Three Crossovers”. The piece is the result of electrodynamic drawing processes involving experimental image processing and animation. The three variations can be considered "time decorations" and if any external meaning can be applied to them it might have something to do with the fear of heart attacks.

“Suspension Landscape After the Drought: Camera Views (episode #2)”, three channel video, 4:26 min, Rebekkah Palov 2017

“Suspension Landscape After the Drought: Camera Views” is an episodic video piece. In each episode there are rotating forms in orbit but without any apparent gravitational mass. This quality of floating in locked-time with false changing perspective is dream like. A kind of yearning is experienced in the roll and yaw of the forms, this is intended to be directly experienced. The title references a suspended state of emptiness, stasis found after a “drought” a dark, non-fertile period. The viewing angle is intended to visually look like a satellite fly-by and that we are looking at another world. This outside view could be seen as an allegory for an estrangement or fascination in stuck-living and unknown futures, handily obscured by the daily “run of things”.

“Turn You Change Position” three channel video, 6:31min Peer Bode 2017

An afternoon visit in Changchun, China with cinema author Xiao Sen and his daughter Xiao Yao, together with Peer Bode, Rebekkah Palov is on camera. This is an exploration in electronic cinema tableau with cultural differences in front and behind the camera. Relational lens based dailies are analyzed and remapped in electronic signal form. I am interested in the cloudy fabrics. A simple recording busts open in inscriptions with richness and humor. We are all voyagers.

"Redemption", three channel video, 8:47 min, Yuan Yuan Zhang 2017
Sanxingdui is my local ancient culture. The site was an ancient city. In 1988, the state council designated the Sanxingdui site as one of the most valuable cultural relics. Being absent from my historical background, I realize how delicate are the subculture and the relationships between the individual and the local culture. This three channel video has a redemptive narrative for my ambivalence, and it is also a way to rethink autognosis, an understanding of ones own psychodynamics and ones uniqueness. There is a sentence that pops up on the black background in the beginning threshold of the video. It says “when I love my culture, it is like stirring the dehydrated seaweed with raw eggs.” Which is my strange and convoluted method of pouring out my love? The video style is consistent with the “See You When I See You” print series which consist of the two creatures with strange eyes, artifacts, similar choice of color and their mysterious vibes. Since those ancient figures presented in the video are very distant, they are experienced as frozen symbols, emptied of real meaning. I intend to feed new energy into these frozen symbols with subjective illusion and desire.

“Self Healing Function”, three channel video, 3:00 min, Yibo Xu 2017

What happens to people in this era of “big data” information technologies? I organized more than 50 independent videos for this piece. Some parts of the video come from my own organs and the collection of limb images, the other parts come from industrial products in my life. The human body has a magical ability to self-healing. After the body suffers damage, even if we do not take any medical measures, in a certain period of time, it can still be restored. Since ancient times, human have suffered a variety of catastrophes, such as infectious diseases, natural disasters, war and so on, but no matter what, humans always exist.

“You Are What You Eat”, three channel video , 5:00 min, Jiayi Wang 2017

Using microscope to observed soda, cooking oil, candy and salt. Each of them is 5 minutes long. The right one is the original video, and the other two were edited by using the Mixer. The sound comes from JitPeek and always matches the movement with one of the three videos.

“Adornment”, three channel video, 3:00 min, Vivian Zhang 2017

Air and water hold life’s essence. Our bodies are water on the blue planet of water, with its clouds, rain, rivers, lakes and seas. They make you fear the water around you. Then package it to increase your desire and reserve it for the highest bidder. They have pasted a label on it. So you may think you deserve their distinctive font to adorn your life with our common H2O.

“Sandin”, 5:00 min, three channel video, Matthew Underwood 2017

“Sandin” is a multi-channel synchronous work that comes from a short real-time recording made using the Sandin Image Processor. This analog video synthesizer footage was then brought into a computer. Here the footage was dispersed across three planes, but with slight chromatic and temporal shifts introduced. The viewer is invited to engage with the projection wall as the planes fuse together and fracture apart over time.

“No Filter”, three channel video, 5:00 min, Madison Lacaprucia 2017

Madison Lacaprucia is the 2017 SUNY Thayer Fellowship winner. “No Filter”, a new piece, performs social media tropes using high definition video as the delivery system. The tantalizing echo chamber and virtual friends of social media sites are expanded and transposed to large scale multi-channel high res video displays, blowing up what are small seductive interactive spaces to a large publically shared event.

“Uncanny Portrait”, three channel video, 1:28 min, Yu Xin 2017

This piece is an extension of my "snail face" piece from the “Mutualism” series. I tried to use the human body as a material, trying to imitate the slow movement of the snail. I am trying to break the behavioral habits that I established during my past lifelong period. I'm trying to question the differences between human and non-human creatures, trying to eliminate the boundary between human and animal. In the videos “Uncanny Portrait”, I re-animate animals dried to be used in Chinese medicine to move again slowly, as I trained my body as animal to move.

“ …Other Worlds ” is a 2017 project of the Electronic Arts Initiative, supported in part by the Burchfield Penney Art Center, Buffalo, New York and Institute for Electronic Arts, SOAD, NYSCC at Alfred University, Alfred, New York.