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Class / Workshop  |  Social Justice and Diversity Addressed Through Collaborative Printmaking with Mary Kozub

Thursday, October 3, 2019, 12:15–1:30 pm

Studio Classroom  

Looking at a variety of topics including human rights, physical or learning disabilities, gender issues, poverty, immigrants or refugees, participants will create a collaborative work of art affirming acceptance and respect after viewing The Past is Present, Paintings and Prints by Harold L. Cohen. This exhibit focuses on work by the artist created over the last twenty years. After retiring from teaching Cohen has focused on painting printmaking and sculpture. Works included in the exhibition focus on the past and present atrocities committed by authoritarian

regimes. Numerous works from Germany and Europe reflect on the horrors of the Nazi genocide during World War II and its aftermath. Concentration camps in Belgium, Germany and Poland are depicted. Also included are images of refugees from Darfur effected by the genocide in Western Sudan. Images from Israel of some of the historically important sights that the artist visited are included as well. These represent both the struggles of the Jewish people, and the solace that the historic homeland provides.

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