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Virocode , No Plan For The Future, 2017; photograph

Virocode , No Plan For The Future, 2017; photograph

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On View Friday, February 9–Sunday, May 27, 2018

East Gallery   

How are we feeling? Things seem unsettled and making sense of the current and the currents is always the domain of artists. Cultural makers throughout time have been the people who we rely on to help us understand and steer dialogue of a period. Artists frame the moment, and hold us accountable. They are the voice of reason and the voice of resistance. The greatest fear that we should ever have is that at any point they would be silent. 

The artists Virocode (Peter D’Auria and Andrea Mancuso) began the series, No Plan for the Future, in November 2016. Concern for the future captures the emotional experience shared by many, following an election that was unlike any before. 

Contemporary art frequently provides us with questions or a context to understand. Kyle Butler, has long investigated structure and social realities in his abstract paintings. Jay Carrier and Adele Henderson meld complex ideas of environment and sociopolitical concerns. While Pam Glick provides us with new representations of identity.

Avoiding the fracas, Peter Stephens work, informed by space, creates a new landscape for quantum considerations. An umbrella for all that define the world that we are a part. In his colorful compositions we can be both micro and macro – germs and giants.

In the end, our ultimate understanding – what we know better than anyone – is ourselves. In Bill Maggio’s work we find deep meditative work that ask us to turn our consideration inward – our spiritual selves. Maggio provides us what many of us need, the space for calm contemplation; grounding in ourselves and our personal truths beyond the noise.