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Andrew Deutsch b. 1968, Installation Concept for Object as Energy Point, 2016; speaker, video, ceramics, variable; Courtesy of the artist

Object as Energy Point

On View Friday, April 8–Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Project Space  

Object as Energy Point is an evolving and growing piece which started in 1995 – it began with a 12 x 6 inch wooden box. Created by artist Andrew Deutsch, every object in the show is a loudspeaker, a transducer, or a metaphor for a speaker. It incorporates ceramic glazed elements as metaphors for "klangfarben" and their arrangement as "klangfarbenmelodie" (tone color and tone color melody).

The installation extends beyond a symphonic-sculptural speaker display to include videos or "Electro-dynamic Drawings". The projected visual content is generated by a process in which sound is the source for the image (this is known as audio reactive art). The result is a visual electronic landscape, generated by and inter-modulated with sound.