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Double Real

Work by Artists in Residence at the Institute for Electronic Arts at Alfred University

On View Friday, August 9–Sunday, November 24, 2019

In August 2019 the Burchfield Penney Art Center and The Institute for Electronic Arts will partner again for an exhibition of video work by past resident artists at the Institute. The two institutions have been committed to shared performances, research, production and distribution of electronic art since 2002. The Burchfield Penney Art Center and the Institute for Electronic Arts embarked on a collaboration Signals From the Electronic Cloud which marked the start of the Western New York Electronic Arts Alliance, a decisive relationship between the two institutions. The exhibition was curated by Scott Propreack, John Opera and Don Metz from the Burchfield Penney in concert with Peer Bode and Andrew Deutsch form IEA. This Alliance continues to uphold our commitment to an integration of ideas that leads to presentations of the highest quality. This continues our stake in recognizing the significant work of Western New York artists working in the electronic medium.

Double Real.

….to exercise control over a sensible infinity, to master it and to to make a clearing out of complexity.*

Peer Bode - Mediaaidem 10:10 Stereo
Andrew Deutsch - Phony Transparency 6:54 Stereo
Monica Duncan - Taking Shape 5:26 5.1 Surround
Katherine Liberovskaya (Video) Diane Ludin (Text) - Colorlocution 7:12 Silent
Brian Murphy - Things To Think About While Staring At The Sun 4:38 Stereo
Allen Riley - Electronic Pastoral 11:22 Silent
Rebekkah Palov - Scripting (excerpt) 7:40 Stereo
Eiko Otake - A Body with Landscapes 14:34 Stereo
Linda Ryan - Triple A 7:54 (Loop) Stereo
Anna Scime - Dear Deer 10:10 Stereo
Samantha Sloan - Behind Your Eye 6:44 3 Channel Audio
Eric Souther - phononic Matter 7:58 5.1 Surround
Monica Duncan (Video) Senem Pirler (Audio) - Taking Shape, 5:26 5.1 Surround

Audio Program

Miatta Kawinzi - Breathwork 19:48 5.1 Surround
Andrew Deutsch and Pauline Oliveros - Last Construction 20:00 Stereo
Rebekkah Palov - Contour Trace 9:55 Quadriphonic

The exhibition features recent work from artists in residence at the Institute for Electronic Arts (IEA). The IEA media and film residency is about a space. A time-space that is open in rural western New York, without much to distract and a studio that features great technical complexity and potential. The studio is unruly and open, not easily presenting order, sometimes there is a sense of getting lost while trying to find your way. It’s an impure material system with technologies that span forty years, all together, not clearly yielding but inviting you to enter; to make a clearing, to make new thinking of the other and a new way of making the other exist. The work produced like the artists time in the studio is a restorative experience, a double real, changing time into perception - making time visible, creating a feeling of time that is something other than lived experience.

This other, this cinema double real, the real of the viewing experience and the feeling of something other, presents itself in multiple guises within the exhibition. In some works time perception and space seem immobile as in Allen Riley’s Electronic Pastoral or Peer Bode’s Mediaaidem or as in Eiko Otake’s A Body with Landscape. In Otake’s piece a figure alone in vast western landscapes makes for a feeling of something other, a heroic discontinuity. And in Anna Scime’s Dear Deer, a white deer, is given electronic color and doubled, creating a potential of something miraculous. These kind of paradoxical relationships, ruptures, distances and events mark the pieces in the exhibition. In a number of the pieces text rests on abstraction. The movement and interval of abstract form is put in paradoxical relationship to text. In Colorlocution, the poetry of Diane Ludin pauses in tandem with images by Katherine Liberovskaya. Text in Brian Murphy’s Things To Think About While Staring at The Sun also alludes to the videos’ potential to fall outside the minds grasp. And in Behind Your Eye, Samantha Sloan uses video that is highly saturated and processed, verging on abstraction to exercise an empathetic potential played out within recordings made by soldiers in combat. These are a few of the ruptures and new others that artists create during their residencies at the IEA studios.

The Institute for Electronic Art’s Experimental Projects Residency is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

Double Real is curated by Rebekkah Palov who is the IEA Research Administrative Specialist. Rebekkah administers the artist residence program, the media-arts-studio development, and works on IEA print and video projects. The exhibition features new work by Artists in Residence at IEA during 2018 and 2019. Palov has a background in cinema with art practice in music and video, she is a member of “Carrier Band” (IEA Records). Her video work and sound art has played both nationally internationally including exhibition at Anthology Film Archives NYC, MADATAC Madrid, Spain. IMAGES CONTRE NATURE, Marseille France, SoundFjord Gallery London UK, Radius - Experimental Radio Chicago, IL. and Digital Art Weeks Zurich Switzerland. Palov is a media arts writer and researcher on the history electronic arts, in particular the work of Harald Bode (b.1909).