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Artists’ Books and Art of Paper

On View Saturday, October 19, 2002–Sunday, March 9, 2003

Hand-held objects made of paper have an almost cult-like following. Artists who make books apply aesthetic and conceptual ideas on a small scale, working in both two and three dimensions. They also must consider how one page relates to another, whether the work will follow a specific directionality, and how the cumulative effect of pages will summate. A few are unique objects, one-of-a-kind creations that have a sculptural presence. Others are multiples from small editions, their handmade qualities contributing to their intimate appeal.

Many contemporary artists experiment with unconventional materials, such as Richard Kegler, who imbedded a globe in his Travelog. For Seneca Journals, Philip Sultz used mulberry paper and birch bark for the poetry of Jerome Rothenberg that refers to Native American subjects. Other artists’ books, mail art, collages that incorporate correspondence and objects of handmade paper were selected from the Burchfield Penney’s fine art and archival collections. These included works by Larry J. Bell, Daniel S. Clark, Charles Clough, Margie Hughto, concrete poet Robert Lax, Russell Ram, John Clemens Schwartz, and Richard Sturm in collaboration with poet Daniel Zimmerman.