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Craft Art WNY 2006

On View Saturday, September 16, 2006

Independent curator Lloyd E. Herman served as founding director of the Smithsonian Institution’s Renwick Gallery from 1971-1986 and has written books on glass artists Narcissus Quagliata and Josh Simpson. For this exhibition, he selected 56 works by 52 artists ranging from sleek sterling silver jewelry to uniquely shaped wooden furniture to a junk mail paper installation. Ceramics ranged from unusual bark-like stoneware teapots to low-fire sculpture. Artists included: David E. Adams; Von Allen; Jozef Bajus; Jee Hee Bang; Cosmo A. Barbaro; Heather Boyd; Sam Cornman; Melissa L. Crowell; Julia Duax-Skop; Elizabeth Emery; Joseph Fastaia; Tracy A. Fiegl; Irwin M. Franco; Chanda Glendinning; Kathryn E. Granchelli; Cheryl B. Harper; Carrianne Hendrickson; Richard A. Hirsch; Munetaka Ichikawa; Erin Jackson; So Won Joo; Myung Taek Jung; William Keyser; Lucia Lavilla-Havlin; Jeong Ju Lee; Scott Losi; Adrienne C. Lynch; Sharon McConnell; Stephen M. Merritt; Mitchell Messina; Joshua M. Milovich; Heather M. Mordaunt; Kathleen T. O’Donnell; Sun Hee Oh; Sun Young Park; Gian-Paul Piane; Taeyoul Ryu; Stephen F. Saracino; Carol P. Scheeler; Donald T. Scheller; Leslie A. Schug; Eric E. Serritella; Gerald Grantham Smith III; Deborah Stewart; Linda Swanson; John Totaro; Emily Watson; Jae Sun Won; Robert L. Wood; Liaung-Chung Yen; Choong-Mok Yoo; Dianne M. Zack; and Nathaniel Thomas Zappala.


  • Programs included: Craft Time with Matt SaGurney, Family Day: September 17. Children made small clay relief works in the general style of Matt SaGurney.