Artist in Residence Philip Koch speaks to Burchfield Penney docents

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Burchfield Penney 2015-16 artist-in-residence Philip Koch spoke to a packed audience of docents this morning that enjoyed his sense of humor, unique flair and creative perspective. “Art is a feeling stimulated by visual objects, shapes and color,” said Koch during his talk as part of ongoing education.

This week he will be on-site working on paintings based on drawings from where Charles E. Burchfield painted in Gowanda and East Aurora. He’s also doing a copy of the middle section of a Burchfield watercolor. “I really like some of Charles Burchfield’s design ideas,” said Koch. “I’m trying to expand my toolbox of the color combinations that my hand tends to go to. Painters often have default settings and I’m trying to get mine to be bit wider.”

The Artist-in-Residence program is funded by an endowment in memory of founding director Edna M. Lindemann, Ed.D., with support from Peter C. and Joan Andrews. Residencies are awarded to scholars and artists uniquely influenced by Charles E. Burchfield and use the collections and archives to further their own work and expand understanding of Burchfield as a person, artist, and poetic writer.

Renata Toney