Tom Lynch, 13th at Augusta, 19x14 inches, watercolor

Tom Lynch, 13th at Augusta, 19x14 inches, watercolor

Electric Eraser

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Watercolor painting can be considered one of the most difficult mediums to work with. Capturing the highlights and shadows in an image can oftentimes be challenging. However, with the help from Watercolor artist Tom Lynch, he provides demonstrations and techniques on just that. He teaches how to control and develop beautiful watercolor techniques that he uses in his own artworks. Tom Lynch, is prominently known for his watercolor paintings that command the viewers’ attention with his use of color, shape and values. His unique style and techniques capture the moods of his subjects by contrasting colors with his distinct use of light. Breathtaking.

Lynch currently resides in Naperville, Illinois where he grew up. He attended The American Academy of Art studying Commercial and Fine Arts. When painting, Lynch uses several varieties of spray bottles to apply the paint, and on occasion, an electric eraser to achieve a level of movement and excitement. His favorite subjects are land and cityscapes working with the highlights and shadows he observes. Lynch strives to create a sense of contrast creating images that intrigue the viewer. At times, Lynch embellishes the highlights provided by the natural light to enhance the viewer’s involvement with the painting.   He enjoys pushing the boundaries between color and contrast through an impressionistic style.  

Tom Lynch has published seven books on watercolor techniques and has several award winning PBS television series in addition to videos showcasing his distinguished style. He was listed as one of the nation’s top twenty teachers by Art Magazine and his artwork has been featured in several of the nation’s leading art museums and galleries.  With over thirty years of experience, his accomplishments include invitations as a guest artist for exhibitions and was the first American chosen for Honorary Membership in the Canadian Watercolor Society. 

—Melissa Ash



Melissa Ash is a SUNY Buffalo State Graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Art Education K-12. Melissa received the Chancellors Award for Student Excellence for her graduating class of 2014. She played on the Buffalo State Bengals NCAA Division 111 Women’s Ice Hockey team all four years and was named captain of the team her senior year. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors, staying active and working on her own artwork.