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Charles Burchfield, Journals, October 10, 1916

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Things to watch in my work—

Do not see design in Nature but see Nature—Or—Do not look for yourself in Nature, but see Nature herself—

Without losing character of work—get more breadth of feeling, more distance—

Put third dimension in picture and also in different objects in picture—

Take subjects never handled before—

Work in different mediums—

Look on a tree not only was a design but also as a living growing object, which almost has emotions like ourselves.
Note particularly the texture of different objects, as well as the weight of different things—Thus one tree may be almost elusive & ethereal compared to another near it—or trees & houses have a different weight—

Make a study of composition—

Study Form in planes—

Charles Burchfield, October 10, 1916 New York City