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Lecture / Discussion  |  Technology in Art with Colleen Ludwig and Timothy Noble

Sunday, March 9, 2014, 2–4 pm

Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Auditorium  

Artists are always influenced by the opportunities that surround them. They settle in communities with affordable studios, they source materials that are accessible and develop new ways to convey meaning through the tools that exist. Colleen Ludwig, the artist who developed the installation Shiver and Timothy Noble who created The Semi-Automatic Chalkboard have both integrated cutting-edge technology to broaden our relationships to concepts. Ludwig, through the use of processors, pumps and sensors enhances our understanding of how we are connected to the world around us. Noble assess labor, the making process and how there is a convergence between the technology of industry and what we make.

These artists along with Burchfield Penney Art Center curators Scott Propeack and  Tullis Johnson will discuss how their art and that of others is tracking ever changing with opportunities that arise. Specifically, the impact of technology and tools previously only available to the wealthiest of industrialists.

This event is free with gallery admission.